Wines of the Month – April 2014

Until April 30th, 2014, enjoy 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Italian Pinot Grigio and Italian Barolo wine kits.

2014 04 - AprilOur Gewurztraminer is far easier to drink than pronounce (thank goodness!).  This crisp, refreshing white has distinct aromas of rose, honeysuckle and mango, with spicy, nutty flavours and a clean balanced finish. Great with spicy dishes and Asian foods.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a can’t-miss classic that belongs in every wine rack – welcoming aromas of black cherry and black currant lead the way to rich flavours of vanilla, berry spice and smoky oak.


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Wednesday Wine 101: Know your Curds and Whey around a Cheese Plate

There’s a reason that cheese plates often make an appearance at parties: when done properly, they can be the perfect accompaniment to enhance your wine-drinking experience.  But how do you know which cheese to serve with which wine?  The trick is to select flavours and textures that complement – rather than compete with – the profiles of your wines.  Today we’ll cover everything you need to know to perfectly pair wines and cheeses.  Talk about a feta compli!  (Sorry – that was cheesy…)

Wine and Cheese

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Wednesday Wine 101: Removing Red Wine Stains

The world of wine is full of myths, mysteries, and old wives’ tales – and the secret to removing red wine stains is perhaps the holy grail amongst them.  For every secret formula there are at least a handful of products on the market, all promising to remove all evidence of Shiraz-spillage.  But which products actually work, and what kinds of ingredients should you look for?  Today we’re going deep into red wine stains to find the most effective way to get them out.


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Wednesday Wine 101: VQA

With the LCBO’s increasing selection of locally-produced wines, VQA is an acronym that’s becoming more and more prevalent at the wine store.  But what does it stand for, and what does it tell you about a wine when you see it on a label?  This week, we’re delving deeper into VQA to learn more about Ontario wines and labelling practices.


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Wednesday Wine 101: A New Series

One of the great things about wine is that you can never stop learning.  At Wine Kitz, we’re always deepening our knowledge-base, and we’re always on the lookout for new discoveries and wine trends, since they reveal so much about our evolving attitudes towards this timeless drink.


On that note, we’re launching a new weekly series called “Wednesday Wine 101.”  Join us mid-week to learn more about everything to do with wine – secrets of terroir, tips for pairing wine and cheese, how to read a wine label, and much more.  And, since we always love your feedback, please feel encouraged to leave comments and to email us to let us know what you think, or to suggest a topic for us to cover.

Join us next Wednesday for the launch of this exciting new series!

Wines of the Month – March 2014

Until March 31st, 2014, enjoy 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Riesling and Chianti wine kits.

2014 03 - MarchOur Riesling is a perfect picnic wine – moderately dry with a refreshing bouquet of honey and tropical flowers and a clean, crisp finish. Great with simple fare.

Chianti is the official flavour of Italy! Dry and polished with zesty fruit taste and soft tannins, this ruby coloured red first wins you over with aromas of cocoa, vanilla and cranberry.

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Wines of the Month – February 2014

Until February 28th, 2014, enjoy 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Piesporter and Vieux Chateau du Roi wine kits.

2014 02 - FebruaryOur Piesporter is a succulent medium bodied white wine exhibiting a hint of fruity spiciness as peach and apricot mingle with the aroma of fresh melon.

Our Vieux Chateau du Roi is a popular red that conjures complex layered berry fruit flavours, spice and an oaky undertone.

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