Beer kits

We offer a wide variety of beer kits to suit both experienced brewmasters and those just getting their feet wet.  One of our newest additions this year is the Big & Easy Bottle Brew, featured below, which requires no equipment or prior knowledge to produce 2L of high-quality beer in about 2 weeks.  To learn more about our more traditional beer kits, you can mouseover the images.

Never made your own beer but interested in learning more about the process? Click here for a full guide on home brewing (external link – will open in a new window).  A word of warning, though: once you learn how quick and easy it is to make your own beer (not to mention how much flexibility it gives you to create your own signature brew!), you may never be able to bring yourself to pay retail prices for beer again.

NOTE:  Listed are the beer kits that we have in stock on a regular basis.  Other kits may be available upon request.

Big & Easy Bottle Brew

Big & Easy Bottle Brew

Each “Big & Easy Bottle Brew” contains everything you need to make 2L of beer (equivalent to a 6-pack) in 2 weeks.  The finished product is comparable to commercial beers in everything except price.  Available in 3 styles – Mexican Cerveza, Red Lager, Premium Pilsner.

You can also read a review of Big & Easy Bottle Brew at by clicking here (opens in new window) to get an idea of the whole process, as well as of the quality of the finished product.

What are the benefits of the Big & Easy Bottle Brew kit?

  • not made from malt concentrate
  • no equipment or brewing knowledge required
  • no cleaning, mixing, transferring, or filtering necessary
  • it’s fast and easy to make (active time: approx. 30 seconds)
  • it offers considerable savings over commercial beers


Available in Canadian Blonde and Brewmaster Selection Wheat Beer

Canadian Blonde - Pale Straw colour. Crisp pale malt aromas with a hint of spicy hops, clean pale malt flavours and a light-bodied palate that finishes with obvious hop bitterness. Perfect for summer drinking.


Available in Canadian Pilsner, Canadian India Pale Ale, Canadian Blond and Gold Sheaf Wheat Beer kits

Canadian Pilsner - Medium-hopped, golden straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. Based on the best selling Canadian Pilsener, this is a brew that will surely bring a smile to the lovers of this style of beer. Full bodied with a nice hop flavour. Serve cold and enjoy! Canadian India Pale Ale - Medium hopped, golden straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. This is similar to the famous India Pale Ale found in Nova Scotia. Full bodied and well hopped. This is for those who prefer a beer with more flavour. Light-medium hopped, straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. A former Australian National champion wheat beer. A golden yellow highly aromatic Weiss style beer with excellent head and vanilla overtones. This is a classic Weizenbier, clear and bright until chilled, then cloudy but golden. As with all good Weizenbiers, it tends to be very frothy in the early stages of fermentation. When fermenting Golden Sheaf it is recommended that a fairly large fermenter be used to allow for the early stage of frothing.


Available in Blonde, Premium Pilsner, Premium Ale, Canadian Style Ale, American Style Light Beer, Pale Ale, Premium Lager, Irish Style Stour, and Mexican Cerveza kits

Blonde - Reminiscent of the slightly hoppier lager style beers popular throughout CanadaPremium Pilsner - Light and delicate, this pilsner is a great thirst quencher.Rich and warming with an unmistakable "aged" flavour - this beer should ideally be served in nips.Canadian Ale - A dark sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger.American-Style Light Beer - A gentle delicate light lager, subtly flavoured yet refreshing to the full.A dark sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger.Premium Lager - Golden crisp beer popular in northern Europe. Light and refreshing.Irish-style Stout - Very dark and very hoppy, a rich beer of great character - serve  chilled.Mexican Cerveza - A gentle, delicate light lager subtly flavoured, refreshing to the full.