Ultimate Specialty Series wine kits

These kits produce exquisitely flavoured, rich, sweet and full-bodied after-dinner wines.  Each kit makes approximately 11.5 litres (Dry Sherry makes approx. 10.5 litres) of luscious wine in about 4 weeks.  As with most of our richer, full-bodied wines, we highly recommend aging your Ultimate Specialty Series wines prior to consumption (peak aging period is 6-12 months for white wines, and longer for reds).

NEW Cabernet Franc Ice Wine Style

new specialty series kitsWonderful flavours of raspberry, strawberry jam, blueberry, and honey give this wine an exceptionally luscious mouth-feel.  A perfect balance of acidity and sweetness creates a true ice wine style experience.



NEW Blackberry Port

new specialty series kitsA full-flavoured port-style dessert wine with luscious, fruity aromas.  On the palate, the taste is rich and sweet, with complex flavours of ripe berries and an invigorating finish that is sure to please.  A truly special wine to be sipped and savoured – amazingly good after a few months in the bottle, and will continue to improve for years.

Cream Sherry

Specialty kits

Velvety smooth and the perfect companion for desserts, particularly cheesecake. Medium sweet and complex with a subtle caramel background.

Oak: Light     Body: Heavy     Sweetness: Medium-Sweet     Type: 4-week

Riesling Ice Wine Style

Specialty kitsNo need to pay ice wine prices for the ice wine experience! This layered sipping gem imparts flavours of peach and herbs, with sly suggestions of honey, flowers and spice.

Body: Medium     Sweetness: Medium-Sweet     Type: 4-week

Ruby Port

Specialty kitsExcellent when young, but ages well. This is a bold, sweet and full-flavoured dessert wine. A fitting finish to any great meal.

Oak: Medium     Body: Heavy     Sweetness: Medium-Sweet     Type: 4-week