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Save 10% on May’s Wines of the Month

Wines of the Month - May 2011Until May 31st, 2011, enjoy 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Gewurztraminer (white) and Cabernet Shiraz (red) wine kits.

The Australian Gewurztraminer is slightly off-dry with aromas of lime, mango, roses, and honeysuckle.  The taste is crisp and spicy with lively acidity and a clean, balanced finish.

The Australian Cabernet Shiraz is rich and dark in colour, with notes of cassis intermingled with beautiful plum and black fruit character.   Subtle notes of spice and vanilla oak add to the long and balanced finish.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals or to start a batch of your own!

*This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

NEW Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier wine kit!

Though we wouldn’t recommend putting your winter coat and mittens away for storage *just* yet, now is definitely a good time to start thinking about which wines you will want to serve this summer.

passionfruit-papaya viognier country mist wine kitTo help get you into a summer frame of mind, Wine Kitz is excited to introduce a brand new fruit wine kit:

Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier

…the newest flavour in our popular Country Mist collection of refreshing light bodied wines with a burst of fresh fruit flavours.   Perfect for summer sipping while relaxing on the patio or enjoy anytime of the year as a refreshing alternative to traditional  wines.

Tasting notes:
This exotic blend of Passion Fruit and Papaya is full of
complex, fruity aromas and rich, intense flavours. The
tartness of the Passion Fruit is softened with the juicy, ripe
sweetness of the Papaya creating the perfect balance.
The fruit aromas and flavours naturally complement the
intriguing tropical flavours of Viognier finishing with a
sensational mouth feel.

Our new Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier will be in-store later this month.
Stay tuned!

Wine Cellar 2011 Limited Release Wines

Our Wine Cellar Limited Release kits are always a huge success, and we’re sure that this year’s wines will be no different!  This year we are excited to bring you a Syrah-Grenache from France, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a Tempranillo from Spain.

The deadline for the first release – the French Syrah-Grenache – is less than a week away! If you are interested in ordering a kit, please call or visit us as soon as possible.  We will be placing our order on December 9th.

Wine Cellar 2011 - Syrah-GrenacheThe first release is our French Syrah-Grenache.  This wine is a blend of two varietals – the Syrah (also known as Shiraz) provides plenty of blackberry, clove, licorice, violets and black pepper notes, along with good structure and tannin, while the Grenache provides fruit flavours suggesting strawberry, raspberry and cherry, while assisting in softening the powerful Syrah backbone. This full-bodied wine can be consumed young but will show its best between 6 and 24 months of age.  It is a great pair to any meet dish, and will hold its own alongside stronger dishes.  Serve it with beef stews; Shepherd’s pie; beef stroganoff; pot roast; prime rib; grilled steaks; 2 year old Cheddar; lamb chops; roasted leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic; meaty lasagna; and rich bean based dishes.  If you can, this would be a GREAT wine to make and age for the holidays next year.

The pre-order deadline for the Syrah-Grenache is Dec. 9th, 2010.
Kits should be available in-store by the second week of January, 2011.

Wine Cellar 2011 - Sauvignon BlancThe second kit released will be the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  It features a fresh clean aroma of grapefruit, gooseberry, grass and fresh herbs. This refreshing, light to medium-bodied wine has exhilarating flavours of citrus, white currant, honeydew melon and herbaceous notes. Serve while young and fresh. A fabulous sipping wine for everyday enjoyment.  Enjoy with oysters; steamed mussels;lemon herbed chicken; asparagus salads; basil pesto on bow tie pasta;goat cheese and spinach frittata; white fish with fresh dill; summer salads; goat cheese with fresh baguette; halibut with a corn, cucumber and tomato salsa; and lightly seasoned vegetarian stir-fries.

The pre-order deadline for the Sauvignon Blanc is Jan. 13th, 2011.
Kits should be available in-store by the second week of February, 2011

Wine Cellar 2011 - Tempranillo…and last but certainly not least, we have our Spanish Tempranillo.  This dark, thick-skinned grape produces deep coloured, medium to full-bodied red wines with good structure and moderate acidity. The bouquet and flavours are reminiscent of cherry, plum, strawberry, spice, tobacco and earth. This wine can be consumed young but will show its best between 6 and 24 months of age.  Like the Syrah-Grenache, it will stand up alongside stronger meat dishes, and would be delicious served with grilled red meats; herbed lamb chops; lamb casserole; eggplant moussaka; braised beef short-ribs; meat pies; meatloaf; steak  and kidney pie; rabbit stew; and bean stews.

The pre-order deadline for the Tempranillo is Feb. 10th, 2011.
Kits should be available in-store by the second week of March, 2011

As with all of our Limited Releases, these are available only in limited quantities, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Save 10% off our October Wines of the Month

This month, we’re shifting the “Wines of the Month” spotlight from California to the land down under and once again offering 10% off Tradition and Ultimate wine kits in our featured varietals.

From October 1st to 31st, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Australian Riesling (white) and Australian Shiraz (red) wine kits.

The Australian Riesling is a medium-dry white with a refreshing core of ripe pear, lime peel, citrus and grapefruit. The bouquet is clean and aromatic with notes of honey, apple and peach.

The Australian Shiraz is a rich, dry red with a bouquet displaying subtle hints of dark berries, white pepper and spice. The palate is full and rich with notes of cocoa, blackberries, vanilla and finishes with soft, integrated tannins.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals, or to start a batch of your own!

NEW Festa Italia 2010 Limited Releases

If you’ve been looking for a new wine to try, this really is a fabulous time to expand your horizons.  Between 10% off our wines of the month (this month save on our Californian Gewürztraminer and Gamay Bergamais kits) and all of the new releases recently launched, there is no shortage of new and exciting opportunities to tantalize your tastebuds!

From Chile, the origin our most recent Coastal Sunset series, we now bring you to Italy with the launch of FESTA ITALIA 2010 – featuring Limited Release Primitivo (red) and Verdicchio (white) wine kits.

PRIMITIVO, FRANCE – The Primitivo (a.k.a. Zinfandel in California, or Crljenak Kastelanski in its country of origin, Crotia) is a fruit-driven, full-bodied wine with aromas and flavours of blue plum, blackberry and cherry.  Subtle notes of oak and spice will present themselves due to oak aging.  The smooth, rich mouth-feel allows for early consumption but the wine will also age nicely for 18 to 24 months.  Enjoy with saucy barbecued ribs, marinated leg of lamb, gourmet burgers topped with sautéed mushrooms or grilled red pepper, beef stews, meat lover’s pizza, rigatoni in a tomato sauce with spicy sausage and arugula, and lightly spiced eggplant dishes.

VERDICCHIO, ITALY – The Verdicchio (vair-dik-ee-oh) grape presents a clean fresh aroma of green apple, white currant, citrus, floral and mineral.  This medium-bodied, refreshing white wine sings on the palate with flavours of lemon, green apple and almond, making for a perfect aperitif.  Best enjoyed while young and fresh.  Serve with baked or poached firm fish with dill, seafood salads, green salads with light vinaigrettes, spring pea risottos, lemon chicken, steamed mussels and shellfish.

These kits are available by pre-order only before Oct. 7th, and will be available in-store early-November – just in time to be bottled for holiday gift-giving or sipping (although we always recommend aging them before enjoying them).

As with all of our limited release wines, quantities are limited, so call or visit us in-store soon to reserve your kits!

Save 10% off September Wines of the Month

As promised, more frequent posts are on the way.  We have a number of new Limited Release wines coming out over the next few months, so stay tuned to learn more about our exciting new offerings over the next few weeks!

In the meantime, we want to share with you the new Wines of the Month.  Again this month, we will be offering 10% the featured Traditional and Ultimate red and white wine kits in the featured varietals: Gamay Bergamais (red) and Gewurztraminer (white).

From September 1st to 30th, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Californian Gewurztraminer (white) and Californian Gamay Bergamais (red) wine kits.

The Californian Gewurztraminer is exotic and spicy, as grapefruit and mango flirt with scented roses and honeysuckle.  This white has a distinct, refreshing aroma with spicy and nutty flavours and a clean, balanced finish – crisp and satisfying.

The Gamay Bergamais (also from California) is an excellent early-drinking wine.  It features inviting aromas of cherries with fruity red berry undertones and lively acidity

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals, or to start a batch of your own!