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Win a $100 Wine Kitz gift certificate

Submit a short story (150 words or less) of your favourite way to enjoy your Wine Kitz wine and you could win a $100 Wine Kitz gift certificate valid at any one of our locations across Canada!

Your story will also be published in our next Wine Press newsletter, and on our corporate website at http://www.winekitz.com  Instant stardom awaits!

Submit your short story to info@winekitz.com
before July 31st, 2011, to be eligible.

We’d also love to read your submissions, so please leave a comment below and let us know your favourite way to enjoy your homemade wine!

Spring-Summer 2011 Wine Press

The latest edition of the Wine Press newsletter is now available for viewing online and available in hard-copy in-stores.  As with previous editions, this one is filled with information about new and upcoming wine varietals, recipes, and general wine information.

Inside this issue:

Wine Press Spring Summer 2011 tasting notes for our new Country Mist Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier fruit wine kit

information about our latest Limited Release kits – Italian Coastal Sunset wines (following the popularity of our Californian and Chilean series)

a recipe for prosciutto, pear and brie panini (with perfectly paired wine, of course!)

temperature guidelines for serving wines

Click here to view the PDF version, or visit us in-store soon to pick up a copy!

Save 10% off our December Wines of the Month

December Wines of the MonthThe holiday season is here once again, and this year why not give yourself a gift?

Once again this month, we’re offering 10% off Tradition and Ultimate wine kits in our featured varietals.  With those savings, you can afford to indulge a little this holiday season (and with 30 bottles per batch, you’ll still have some to share)!

From December 1st to 31st, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Californian Chardonnay (white) and Italian Valpolicella (red) wine kits.

Our Californian Chardonnay is a pleasantly rich and buttery dry white wine, displaying crisp green apple and Asian pear notes with delightful lemon flavours interlaced with toasty oak.

Our Italian Valpolicella features a fragrant, fruity, aroma with a soft silky texture.  Enticing aromas of fresh cherries and a hint of anise, as well as flavours of ripe, tart cherries, strawberry and plum.   Well-balanced by fresh-fruit acidity and a whiff of fragrant black pepper.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals, or to start a batch of your own!

Save 10% off our November Wines of the Month

November Wines of the MonthWhen the weather starts getting colder, it’s always comforting to revisit old favourites.  But why not try something new this month?

To encourage you to branch out and try new wines we’re once again offering 10% off Tradition and Ultimate wine kits in our featured varietals.

From November 1st to 30th, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Sauvignon Blanc (white) and Cabernet Merlot (red) wine kits.

Our Californian Sauvignon Blanc displays a very pale grassy yellow tone with bright pea pod and characteristic lemon-grass aroma.  It is very dry and full-bodied.

Our Chilean Cabernet Merlot features dark plump berries and vibrant black currant flavours mingling with chewy, plumy Merlot characteristics.   It is rich and balanced with a mild peppercorn finish.

Time is running out to have your batches perfectly aged in time for the holidays, but with our 7-Day Accelerator packs you can produce the same wines you love in a fraction of the time of regular kits.  That means that you can bottle just 1 week after starting your kit, and you’ll still have a few weeks to age your wine before the holidays.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals (and our 7-Day Accelerator packs!) or to start a batch of your own!

Limited Release Orange Chocolate Port wine kits are now in-store!

Limited Release Orange Chocolate PortJust a quick note today to let you know that  our new Limited Release Orange Chocolate Port wine kits have just arrived in-store and are ready to start!

If you have pre-ordered a kit, you should be receiving a phone call in the next few days to let you know that your kit has arrived and is ready to start in-store or at home.  Beginning your batch promptly is an especially good idea if you’d like to have your wine ready in time for the holiday season, since the sooner you begin your batch, the sooner you’ll be able to start aging it for optimal enjoyment and gift giving!

We do have a very limited quantity of extra kits, but these will go quickly so please call the store as soon as possible if you are interested in reserving one.

To learn more about this special Limited Release, read our blog post here.  You can also click here for our store hours and contact information if you’d like to reach us about reserving a kit.

Customer Appreciation Days are Back!

Customer Appreciation Days 2010

CAD sale 2010

We always value our customers here at Wine Kitz Pickering, and so to thank you for your continued patronage we are very pleased to offer 20% off any regular-priced wine kit in stock, from now until May 17th.

This is a great time to stock up on your favorite wines, both for summer sipping, and to start wines so that they will be nicely aged in time for the holiday season.

We look forward to seeing you in-store soon to help you make truly wonderful wines, and to thank you for relying on us for all of your wine- and beer-making needs.

Thank you for another fabulous year, and cheers to many more to come!

Enjoy the savings!


All of your friends at Wine Kitz Pickering

BacTrack breathalyzers Now In-Stock

Wine PressSmaller than a cell phone, quick, and accurate to 0.01%, the F.D.A.-sanctioned BacTrack range of personal breathalyzers are a reliable way to help prevent accidents caused by impaired driving. These devices are a great tool for the socially-responsible consumer, providing an indication of blood alcohol levels within just a few seconds, and their sleek, professional design makes them small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, meaning they can go everywhere you go.

Although results are not admissible in court (due to the possibility of user error), they will provide an accurate indication of blood alcohol levels, allowing you and your guests to make responsible choices with regard to planning your way home.  The BacTrack is also an affordable choice; it NEVER requires individual mouthpieces to be inserted, touched, or replaced, and therefore also offers huge cost savings as there are never mouthpieces to purchase and replace.

BacTrack devices have been featured on a number of North American news broadcasts and television shows such as CSI: Miami, Dr. Phil, USA Today, Mythbusters, G4 Tech TV, and more. To learn more about what they have to say about BacTrack devices, click here, or visit the BacTrack website at http://www.bactrack.com

Come visit us in-store soon to learn more about these exciting new gadgets!

New Flavours and Packaging for Country Mist Fruit Wine Kits

If you’ve been in our store recently, you may have noticed the new look of our Country Mist fruit wine kits.  They’ve been given a lovely makeover in preparation for the summer months! But don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of any of your favorite fruit wines.  In fact, we’ve expanded our selection to celebrate the launch of their new look!Wine Kitz is proud to re-introduce our new and improved Country   Mist collection of light-bodied wines with bursts of fresh fruit   flavours.  A fresh new look, new improved flavours and 2 refreshing new   styles: Pineapple / Mango Pinot Grigio and Citrus Sauvignon Blanc.   Make  sure you visit your local Wine Kitz Wine Specialist and have your   Country Mist ready to be enjoyed for all your Summer entertaining.

Introducing our newest fruit wine kit options: Pineapple-Mango Pinot Grigio
Citrus Sauvignon Blanc

Both of these new flavours will be in-store within the next few weeks, joining all of your other favorites – Blackberry Merlot, Black Cherry Pinot Noir, Black Currant Merlot, Blueberry Blast, Cranberry Shiraz, Green Apple Riesling, Peach Chardonnay, Raspberry White Zinfandel, Strawberry White Zinfandel, and Wildberry Chianti – just in time to begin your batches for summer BBQ season!

April 2010 update!

Spring is finally here! The weather is warming, and we’re finally seeing more of that lovely sun.

We’ve been really excited with the new selection of Limited Release wines, which have been big hits and have been coming through beautifully.  The three reds – Old Vines Zinfandel, Argentine Malbec and New Zealand Pinot Noir – have also received high ratings from our customers in terms of taste and ‘drinkability’.  The Old Vines is actually back by popular demand – some of you may remember it from its first round as a Limited Release a few years ago.  Although we always recommend that you allow your wine to age for a few months before drinking it, many of our customers have told us that ‘trunk aging’ is more than sufficient for this rich red, which is drinkable at bottling (but which will definitely improve over time).

You can learn more about these new varietals by clicking on the labels below, or by checking out their descriptions in the “Limited Release section of “Our Products,” in the navigation bar to the left of this post.

Limited Release Sonoma ChardonnayLimited Release Argentine MalbecLimited Release California Old Vines ZinfandelLimited Release New Zealand Pinot Noir

Limited Release B.C. Chardonnay Chenin

We’re also really looking forward to the release of our first ever Canadian grape varietal – the B.C. Chardonnay-Chenin. Until now, we’ve never been able to source enough Canadian grapes to produce exclusively Canadian kits, so we are very excited about this new product.  Unlike most chardonnays it is unoaked, and so has a smoother and richer flavour and should appeal even to those normally reluctant to try chardonnays (the ABC – Anything But Chardonnay – crowd).  As with all of our Limited Releases, it is available by pre-order only and only in limited quantities, so we encourage you to call or email us today to order yours.

The pre-order deadline is May 20th, and wine kits will be available in-store in early June.

So many lovely wines to try – It’s a good thing BBQ season is coming up!

Wine Kitz Pickering online!

Welcome to the new Wine Kitz Pickering website! We hope to be able to use this little web-niche to communicate to you all of our upcoming events, promotions and wine-related information, as well as keep you up-to-date on all of the news of our Pickering, Ontario store. You can use the links to the right to learn more about the Wine Kitz company and to access a wealth of information from the company’s website (including tasty recipes and information about limited release and holiday special wines), as well as to learn more about our products, facilities and services.

Be sure to keep checking back, as we will be updating this site more and more over the next little while!