April 2010 update!

Spring is finally here! The weather is warming, and we’re finally seeing more of that lovely sun.

We’ve been really excited with the new selection of Limited Release wines, which have been big hits and have been coming through beautifully.  The three reds – Old Vines Zinfandel, Argentine Malbec and New Zealand Pinot Noir – have also received high ratings from our customers in terms of taste and ‘drinkability’.  The Old Vines is actually back by popular demand – some of you may remember it from its first round as a Limited Release a few years ago.  Although we always recommend that you allow your wine to age for a few months before drinking it, many of our customers have told us that ‘trunk aging’ is more than sufficient for this rich red, which is drinkable at bottling (but which will definitely improve over time).

You can learn more about these new varietals by clicking on the labels below, or by checking out their descriptions in the “Limited Release section of “Our Products,” in the navigation bar to the left of this post.

Limited Release Sonoma ChardonnayLimited Release Argentine MalbecLimited Release California Old Vines ZinfandelLimited Release New Zealand Pinot Noir

Limited Release B.C. Chardonnay Chenin

We’re also really looking forward to the release of our first ever Canadian grape varietal – the B.C. Chardonnay-Chenin. Until now, we’ve never been able to source enough Canadian grapes to produce exclusively Canadian kits, so we are very excited about this new product.  Unlike most chardonnays it is unoaked, and so has a smoother and richer flavour and should appeal even to those normally reluctant to try chardonnays (the ABC – Anything But Chardonnay – crowd).  As with all of our Limited Releases, it is available by pre-order only and only in limited quantities, so we encourage you to call or email us today to order yours.

The pre-order deadline is May 20th, and wine kits will be available in-store in early June.

So many lovely wines to try – It’s a good thing BBQ season is coming up!

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