New Flavours and Packaging for Country Mist Fruit Wine Kits

If you’ve been in our store recently, you may have noticed the new look of our Country Mist fruit wine kits.  They’ve been given a lovely makeover in preparation for the summer months! But don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of any of your favorite fruit wines.  In fact, we’ve expanded our selection to celebrate the launch of their new look!Wine Kitz is proud to re-introduce our new and improved Country   Mist collection of light-bodied wines with bursts of fresh fruit   flavours.  A fresh new look, new improved flavours and 2 refreshing new   styles: Pineapple / Mango Pinot Grigio and Citrus Sauvignon Blanc.   Make  sure you visit your local Wine Kitz Wine Specialist and have your   Country Mist ready to be enjoyed for all your Summer entertaining.

Introducing our newest fruit wine kit options: Pineapple-Mango Pinot Grigio
Citrus Sauvignon Blanc

Both of these new flavours will be in-store within the next few weeks, joining all of your other favorites – Blackberry Merlot, Black Cherry Pinot Noir, Black Currant Merlot, Blueberry Blast, Cranberry Shiraz, Green Apple Riesling, Peach Chardonnay, Raspberry White Zinfandel, Strawberry White Zinfandel, and Wildberry Chianti – just in time to begin your batches for summer BBQ season!

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