BacTrack breathalyzers Now In-Stock

Wine PressSmaller than a cell phone, quick, and accurate to 0.01%, the F.D.A.-sanctioned BacTrack range of personal breathalyzers are a reliable way to help prevent accidents caused by impaired driving. These devices are a great tool for the socially-responsible consumer, providing an indication of blood alcohol levels within just a few seconds, and their sleek, professional design makes them small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, meaning they can go everywhere you go.

Although results are not admissible in court (due to the possibility of user error), they will provide an accurate indication of blood alcohol levels, allowing you and your guests to make responsible choices with regard to planning your way home.  The BacTrack is also an affordable choice; it NEVER requires individual mouthpieces to be inserted, touched, or replaced, and therefore also offers huge cost savings as there are never mouthpieces to purchase and replace.

BacTrack devices have been featured on a number of North American news broadcasts and television shows such as CSI: Miami, Dr. Phil, USA Today, Mythbusters, G4 Tech TV, and more. To learn more about what they have to say about BacTrack devices, click here, or visit the BacTrack website at

Come visit us in-store soon to learn more about these exciting new gadgets!

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