New Just Us! products now in store

A fresh shipment of Just Us! fair trade and organic products has just arrived in store!  If you haven’t discovered this fabulous line of products, what are you waiting for!?

Just Us!  is Canada’s first fair trade and organic coffee roastery, based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  They operate on the founding principle of “people and the planet before profits,” and so all of their products are grown and produced in sustainable ways, without the use of pesticides.  In addition, all workers are paid a fair living wage, and a portion of profits is reinvested into the community to support social programs and local infrastructure.  Not only that, but their products taste amazing and are about as simple and pure as food can be – their dark chocolate bars, for example, contain 4 ingredients: cocoa paste, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder – with no unnecessary additives.

Just Us! fair trade organic coffee

The following products are currently in-stock (click here for more information):

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