July Wines of the Month – save 10% on Traditional and Ultimate Riesling and Chianti wine kits!

Once you’ve found a wine or two that you really enjoy, it’s always tempting to stay within your comfort zone and make those ‘signature’ varietals over and over again.  But with so many different types of wine to choose from, we want to encourage you to explore the full range of options.  Who knows, you might even find a new favourite!

To help start you off, we’re launching a new promotion featuring wines of the month.  Each month we will be offering 10% the featured Traditional and Ultimate red and white wine kits.

From July 1st to 31st, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate California Riesling (white) and Italian Chianti (red) wine kits.

The California Riesling is medium-dry with a refreshing bouquet of citrus and a hint of apple.  It’s taste is crisp and clean with a mingling of grapefruit, apple, honey and peach flavours, and a subtly mineral tone.  Great on its or with seafood!

The Chianti is a bold, rich and inviting red wine with cherry fruit aromas and flavours of cocoa, vanilla bean and ripe cranberries.  Good tannins and a subtle oakiness provide a soft, well-balanced finish.  Perfect with all types of pasta in tomato sauce.

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