Save 10% off our November Wines of the Month

November Wines of the MonthWhen the weather starts getting colder, it’s always comforting to revisit old favourites.  But why not try something new this month?

To encourage you to branch out and try new wines we’re once again offering 10% off Tradition and Ultimate wine kits in our featured varietals.

From November 1st to 30th, we’re offering 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Sauvignon Blanc (white) and Cabernet Merlot (red) wine kits.

Our Californian Sauvignon Blanc displays a very pale grassy yellow tone with bright pea pod and characteristic lemon-grass aroma.  It is very dry and full-bodied.

Our Chilean Cabernet Merlot features dark plump berries and vibrant black currant flavours mingling with chewy, plumy Merlot characteristics.   It is rich and balanced with a mild peppercorn finish.

Time is running out to have your batches perfectly aged in time for the holidays, but with our 7-Day Accelerator packs you can produce the same wines you love in a fraction of the time of regular kits.  That means that you can bottle just 1 week after starting your kit, and you’ll still have a few weeks to age your wine before the holidays.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals (and our 7-Day Accelerator packs!) or to start a batch of your own!

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