Warm up with Fair-Trade Organic products from Cocoa Camino!

Cocoa Camino Dark Hot ChocolateThe weather is getting cooler and scarves and mittens are emerging from storage – all signs that hot chocolate season is upon us!

If you’re looking to warm up from the cold weather, why not try one of our exciting Just Us! confections this winter season?  Not only are these products 100% fair trade and organic, they also taste amazing and make great gifts!

As a very special treat, try the Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate, which features spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom along with a touch of cayenne to really fire up your taste buds!  The hot chocolate powder also has chunks of milk chocolate that melt and add richness to your drink.  A cool twist on a hot drink!

We also have classic hot chocolate powder, but ours is made with extra cocoa as a Dark Hot Chocolate for a decadent, refined alternative to regular milk hot chocolate powder.

Or, if you like things the old-school way, purchase some straight Organic Cocoa Powder and make your own hot chocolate powder from scratch!  You could even add peppermint extract or mint leaves for a refreshing mint hot chocolate, or add orange zest or extract for an orange hot chocolate (like Terry’s popular treat), or add whatever spices or flavours suit your fancy to create your own unique hot chocolate variations.

Click here to learn more about Just Us! fair trade organic products, or here to learn about our chocolate and cocoa products.

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