The holidays are a time to be social…

…so we’ve joined social networking sites Facebook and Twitter!

Most of our new customers learn about us through word-of-mouth, usually from customers who have made wine with us and have been not only satisfied, but impressed with the results.  As a special thank you for mentioning us to friends and family, we offer a referral incentive; encourage your friends to start making wine with us, and we’ll give them 10% off the price of their first kit (and we’ll give you 10% off the price of your next kit after they put on their first)!*  Just make sure they mention your name when they come in – or better yet, bring them in with you!

To make it easier, visit our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@wkpickering) Let others see what a savvy shopper you are for saving money and having fun by making your own wine!  You can also subscribe to our blog, here, by clicking “Sign me up!” on the right-hand side of this page.  We will be using all three mediums (the blog, our Facebook page, and twitter) to keep you informed about upcoming promotions and events, new products and more, so stay tuned!

We are thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our customers.  If you’ve had a great experience with us, please help us spread the word by visiting our place pages on Google, Canpages, YellowPages, etc. and writing a review.  We also welcome your suggestions on areas to improve, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us if there’s anything you feel we could do better.

A big thank you, once again!
Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure 🙂

*Referral discount/offer cannot be combined with any other offer.  Applicable to new referrals only, and the customer referred must be a new customer.

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