Help us choose our new wedding ad!

UPDATE:  The poll is now closed – thanks to all who voted!
In the end, it was a tie between “Beach” and “Cake,” so we decided to go with “Beach” since we really liked its carefree, lighthearted feel.
Thanks again for your feedback!

UPDATE #2:  Indecisive as we are, we exercised our right to change our mind and went with “Cake” after all.  There’s a reason some things are classic!


We’ve come up with three rough drafts of a wedding ad to be featured in wedding folders and directories, but we can’t quite decide on a favourite, so we’re looking for your feedback to help us choose.

Below you’ll find our three top contenders – you can click on the images to view the full-sized version.

Please have a look and vote for your favourite!
You can also leave a comment, if you’d like, by clicking the “Leave a comment” link under the title (above).

Wedding Ad # 1 – Beach
Wedding Ad #2 – Cake
Wedding Ad #3 – Motorcycle
Thanks in advance for your help!

2 thoughts on “Help us choose our new wedding ad!

  1. Hey Bobbo,

    Rob Fleming here, I like the text from option 3, but don’t really like the photo. I would suggest checking out or some other photo sharing site for any Creative Commons (CC) photos, this way you can search for photo’s taken locally to see a theme

    1. Thanks Rob! We were actually unsure about the photo too, to it’s reassuring that you feel the same way. I like the text too, but I just wasn’t sure whether it would appeal to a lot of people or be more of a ‘niche’ message. Thanks for the feedback!

      – Catherine

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