NEW Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier wine kit!

Though we wouldn’t recommend putting your winter coat and mittens away for storage *just* yet, now is definitely a good time to start thinking about which wines you will want to serve this summer.

passionfruit-papaya viognier country mist wine kitTo help get you into a summer frame of mind, Wine Kitz is excited to introduce a brand new fruit wine kit:

Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier

…the newest flavour in our popular Country Mist collection of refreshing light bodied wines with a burst of fresh fruit flavours.   Perfect for summer sipping while relaxing on the patio or enjoy anytime of the year as a refreshing alternative to traditional  wines.

Tasting notes:
This exotic blend of Passion Fruit and Papaya is full of
complex, fruity aromas and rich, intense flavours. The
tartness of the Passion Fruit is softened with the juicy, ripe
sweetness of the Papaya creating the perfect balance.
The fruit aromas and flavours naturally complement the
intriguing tropical flavours of Viognier finishing with a
sensational mouth feel.

Our new Passionfruit-Papaya Viognier will be in-store later this month.
Stay tuned!

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