New Limited Release Italian Coastal Sunset wines

Italy is no stranger to wine, with some of the oldest wine producing regions of the world contributing to approximately 1/5 of the world’s wine production. Grapes are grown in almost every region of the country with more than 1 million  vineyards under cultivation.  Italy’s long shoreline helps to moderate the climate for the coastal wine regions. The extensive mountains and foothills throughout the country create varying elevations for grape growing in a variety of climate and soil conditions.

It is with this idyllic destination in mind that Wine Kitz is proud to introduce our latest Limited Release wine kits: our Italian Coastal Sunset series Trebbiano-Riesling and Barbera-Sangiovese blends.

Italian Trebbiano-Riesling
Wine Kitz Italian Coastal Sunset 2011 wine kitsLight straw in colour with a bouquet and flavours of ripe peach, apple, pear and tropical fruits. The wine finishes clean with citrus notes and a hint of residual sweetness.  A perfect match for most chicken and fish dishes, ham, oysters, shellfish and veal.

Italian Barbera-Sangiovese
Beautifully bright ruby red in colour with a bouquet of ripe blackberry, cherry and plum.  On the palate you will experience flavours of ripe fruit and spice with fresh tannins and subtle oak on the finish.  A nice complement to dishes in tomato sauces such as chicken or veal parmesan, meatballs, lasagna, pizza and spaghetti.  Goes well with roast duck and plum sauce.

These kits are available by pre-order only.
The deadline to pre-order kits is Thursday, July 14, 2011.

They should arrive in-store in early August – just in time to be made and enjoyed for the holiday season!

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