Something WICKED is coming back!

Wine Kitz Pickering Wicked Hard LemonadeWe are excited to announce the new WICKED flavour for 2012…


If you’re looking for the ultimate thirst quencher, look no further!
Refreshingly zesty with flavours of juicy fresh squeezed limes and a hint of lemon citrus.  A WICKED blend that is not too sweet and not too tart – perfect for cooling down on those hot summer days.

Also back by popular demand is the original WICKED Hard Pink Lemonade.  Both styles of WICKED will be available exclusively at Wine Kitz stores by the end of March.  As with all of our Limited Releases, these kits will be available in very limited quantities, and only for a limited time.  Please email us or call us at (905) 509 – 6748 as soon as possible to reserve your own kits.

It’s going to be another WICKED Summer at Wine Kitz!

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