Wines of the Month – August 2012

Whoops – somehow this post slipped through the cracks!
A little delayed, but hopefully no less welcome as a result 🙂

Wine Kitz wines of the month - August 2012Until August 31st, 2012, enjoy 10% off our Traditional and Ultimate Gewürztraminer and Gamay Bergamais wine kits.

Start your evening in style with a superb early drinking wine like our Californian Gamay Bergamais. Enticing aromas of cherries with fruity red berry undertones and lively acidity set a sophisticated tone.

Far easier to drink than pronounce, our Californian Gewürztraminer is a crisp and refreshing white that has distinct aromas of rose, honeysuckle and mango, with spicy, nutty flavours and a clean balanced finish. Great with spicy dishes and Asian foods.

Come see us soon to learn more about these flavourful varietals
or to start a batch of your own!

*This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

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