Saturday Sangrias are back!

Last summer, our Saturday Sangria series gained us a fair bit of attention across the web (especially this recipe, which has quite a loyal following on Pinterest!).  As a result, we’re bringing it back this year with some delicious new recipes to help you enjoy the best that summer flavours have to offer.

We’re doing things a bit differently this year, though.  There has been a veritable explosion of sangria recipes since we started last summer, and so we’ve decided that rather than adding to the fray, we’ll scour the web for the best (most interesting, unique, exciting) flavour combinations we can find, and present them here with our suggestions as to which wines from your cellar to use to recreate them.  Whether to enjoy with a good book on the front porch at the end of a long workday, or to unwind with friends on the dock at the end of a long week, these recipes are sure to help you kick back and enjoy the lovely weather and fine wines of summer.

We’re kicking off the series with flavours similar to the ones we ended with last summer: elderflower and white wine.130622 - sauvignon blanc & elderflower




Follow the jump for the first of our Saturday Sangrias of 2013!

This recipe, courtesy of the site Rock UR Party by tablespoon pairs the refreshing, but subtle, flavours of elderflower, apple and pear.  Though the recipe calls for any white wine, we suggest choosing something light with bright flavours and well-balanced acidity to complement the crispness of the apple and pear.  Our Traditional Chamblaise is a perfect choice, since its light floral undertones will pair beautifully with the elderflower, and it is soft and subtle enough not to overpower the softer fruits of the sangria.

Cheers to summer!

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