Saturday Sangrias: Riesling with Peach & Strawberry

Last week we (re)launched our summer sangria series with an ode to last year’s finale.  This week, we’re once again experiencing a bit of a flashback, by revising the flavours of last year’s Canada Day long weekend sangria: peach and strawberry.  To switch things up a bit, though, we’ve swapped the Colombard Chardonnay (and all of its beautiful and appropriate alliteration!) for something new and unexpected…130629 - liebfraumilch & peach strawberry

For the link to the full recipe, follow the jump!

This sangria recipe from The Weary Chef is the perfect crowd-pleasing drink to serve this long weekend.  The recipe itself is also very easy to put together, making it a terrific choice for summer entertaining.  Since peach and strawberry are sweeter flavours, we opted for the slightly dry Liebfraumilch to give the fruit a soft and mellow background against which to shine (rather than being weighed down by more sweetness).

What are your plans for the long weekend?  Let us know by leaving a comment!

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