Saturday Sangria: Kumquat Chamblaise

I’m starting to think that white wine sangrias are the wine trend of the summer (which is completely fine with me!), because so many of the tastiest recipes I keep bookmarking involve white wine and new and exciting fruit combinations.

This week is the perfect example: Kumquat Chamblaise sangria

130713 - kumquat chamblaise

Follow the jump for the link and full pairing notes!

This exotic sangria combination was found over at Chef Wanabe, and it’s definitely made its way onto the menu for the next backyard BBQ I host.  Such an unexpected and tantalizing combination!

To really complement the sweet-and-sour contrast of the kumquat, citrus and agave, I’ll be using Chamblaise as my white wine.  It’s a nice dry, crisp white with fruity aromas and soft floral notes – just like the kumquat.  Its medium body will hold up nicely against the sharp citruses, and its balanced acidity should make it a refreshing choice for a hot summer day.

Cheers to off-beat fruit and exciting new flavours!

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