Saturday Sangria: Guava Sage White Zinfandel Blush

We’re switching things up this week with a rosé (also known as blush) wine, in to keep things crisp and refreshing in light of the of the heat we’ve had lately!  We’re not quite ready to venture into the depths of red wine flavour; we’ll save that for next week…

This week we’re combining our rosé with some unexpected flavours that are perfect for summer nights: sweet guava and savoury sage!

Without further adieu, we present: Guava Sage Sangria

130727 - guava sage rose

Follow the jump for the link and full pairing notes!

This delightful combination from Santa Barbara Chic blends sweet (strawberry, guava), tart (cranberry), and savoury (sage) to create a layered and nuanced drink that would be perfect to serve with lighter fare like grilled chicken, fish, or salads.  We suggest making it with our medium-bodied White Zinfandel Blush to bring out the sweetness of the guava without overpowering the subtle pear or challenging the sage.

Do you have any tried-and-true summer sangria recipes?
Share yours by leaving a comment – we’d love to hear what you’re blending!

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