Saturday Sangria: Raspberry Basil with Chardonnay

It occurs to me, as I’m writing this, that this is the third week in a row that we’ve featured a sangria with an herb as a featured ingredient.  It seems that we may have to refine our previous observation to reflect the fact that herbaceous white sangria may be the wine trend of the summer.  Who would have guessed?

There’s a very good reason for the proliferation of savoury flavours in sangria recipes: the bright green flavours of herbs adds complexity and nuance to fruity drinks.  This week’s Raspberry Basil Chardonnay sangria is a terrific example – the ripe, verdant flavour of the leaves is an unexpected but delightful pairing with bright apple and the bold red berry flavour of raspberry.

130817 - raspberry basil chardonnay

Follow the jump for the link and full pairing notes!

We suggest following Mother Nature Network and making this sangria with a Cool Climate Chardonnay, but we could see the flavours pairing equally well with a lighter red, too, for a deeper and more dramatic effect.  A varied and interesting flavour pairing for a perfectly grown up punch!

Cheers to unexpected pairings!

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