Saturday Sangria: Pomegranate Vanilla with Australian Mataro

We’re back to reds this week with a deep, rich sangria to honour the depth of the summer.  Unlike most of our other recipes, which would be well-suited to any laid back beach, cottage or BBQ occasion, this one seems to demand something more dramatic – like a late night summer stargazing session, or watching a lightning storm from the safety of a backyard deck.

Or, you know, just a Saturday night with nothing in particular to celebrate except summer heat and fine wine!

130824 - pomegranata vanilla with aussie mataro

Follow the jump for the full pairing notes!

For something deep and dramatic to pair with pomegranate of this sangria from How Sweet It Is, I selected the Aussie Mataro for its bold berry profile, medium-body, and oakiness.  Not to wax philosophical, but it’s the perfect wine to give you pause to reflect on the heavier aspects of summer: the pitch black skies that contrast so fervently with the seemingly-perpetual sunlight, the soft night that just feels dark but still doesn’t necessitate a heavy sweater, the still silence after camp-enthused kids have gone to sleep… Sorry – got carried away in a daydream, there!

Which wines taste most like your favourite summer moments?

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