Saturday Sangria: Beer Sangria with Peaches and Ale

This is a sad day indeed; the last of our Saturday Sangria recipes for the summer can only mean one thing: the end of summer.  Nevertheless, this week’s fun and unconventional sangria should help you toast to the end of the season in style, and hopefully celebrate the awesome summer that was!

130831 - beer sangria with peaches and ale

Follow the jump for the link and full pairing notes!

Even though I mostly drink wine and spirits, there’s something about a long summer weekend that just seems to call for beer, and this sangria recipe from The Beeroness couldn’t be more fitting for an end-of-summer celebration.  Serve it alongside BBQed fare and it would be the perfect pairing to cut through the richness of meat, while staying light and refreshing.

Follow the recipe in selecting something citrusy with complementary flavours of peach or apricot would be ideal for this sangria.  I’m a bit partial to red ales, so I’ll be trying this with the Brew House Red Ale, but it would surely work well with something lighter as well.  (If you try it, let us know what you used and how it turned out!)

Cheers to the long weekend!

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