Think 30 is a Lot of Bottles? Here’s Why We Think it’s the Perfect Number


For most of our customers, 23L (or 30 standard bottles) is the perfect amount of wine for savouring and sharing. If you’re not a regular wine drinker, though, or if you have limited storage space, that number may leave you wondering whether making your own wine is really for you.

Fear not – you can still take advantage of the great savings (not to mention the fun!) of making wine. Here’s how.

  1. The Buddy System

    Join forces with friends and share batches! Splitting the costs and the finished product has several benefits: fewer bottles for each person and a great opportunity to catch up and socialize during the bottling process! It’s also a great strategy for wine-lovers who like variety: make a few batches (several different varietals, or one batch of red and one of white) and split them. That way you each get a chance to enjoy a nice variety.

  2. Size Matters for the Occasional Wine Drinker

    If you’re not a regular wine drinker, or you find 750mL to be more than you’d like to uncork at once, making your own wine can be a great way to minimize leftovers. Use smaller bottles (500mL bottles, or 375mL “splits”) to suit your preferred enjoyment. It may produce more bottles rather than fewer, but they’ll be sized to your taste, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the wine, with no waste, each time you uncork a bottle.

  3. Skip the Bottles to Save Space

    Want to keep your wine always-at-the-ready without storing bottles? Package your wine in air-tight wine bags with a pour-spout. Bags take up less space, keep fresher longer (even allowing for occasional sips without the need to uncork every time), and can be stored in a box or in the fridge for easy dispensing. They’re also a great choice for travel (to the cottage, on cruise ships, etc.), since they’re easy to pack and pack back flat.

  4. Stretch Your Budget for Social Get-Togethers

    Have a soirée or special event planned? Buying individual bottles can definitely add to your anticipated budget. Save more room for splurging on dessert by making your own wine. 30 bottles seems like much fewer when guests are coming!

  5. Gift-Giving Made Easy

    Don’t forget that wine makes a perfect hostess gift, especially around the holidays. A batch of 30 bottles can cover your gift-giving from Thanksgiving through the New Year, and the savings will help prevent credit card shock come January. It’s also really helpful to have extra bottles around for unexpected gifts – you’ll never feel unprepared with a few extra bottles of Merlot, waiting in the wings.

Like commercial versions, the wine you make with us will continue to improve over time, so there’s no need to feel rushed to enjoy it. Sip and savour right after bottling, or put some aside for enjoying later – it’s your choice! Either way, you’ll likely be surprised at how quickly 30 bottles will disappear when friends and family learn about your new money-saving secret!

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