Wine Trends: Beyond the Bottle

The world of wine has been pretty creative, lately! In case you missed our previous posts on the subject, here are snapshots of some of the new and innovative ways that winemakers are packaging their products…

Photo: McCann Vilnius
Photo: McCann Vilnius

Paint Cans
Intended to play on wine’s well-deserved reputation for staining, Lithuanian ad-agency McCann Vilnius designed paint -can packaging for an imaginary vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau. It may not be widely available, but it’s definitely a clever idea!

Photo: Paperboy Wines
Photo: Paperboy Wines

Cardboard Bottles
If eco-friendly is your top priority, you might be interested in Paperboy Wines‘s compostable cardboard container. Lighter than glass, it’s intended to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping heavy wine bottles across the world.

Photo: Marks & Spencer
Photo: Marks & Spencer

If you have trouble making it to the end of a full bottle, you will likely appreciate Marks & Spencer’s individual wine servings, “Le Froglet” (available in Hong Kong stores). Perfect for those looking to limit portion sizes!

Photo: Kimberly Mufferi for Union Wine Co.
Photo: Kimberly Mufferi for Union Wine Co.

Pop for Grownups: Pinot in a Can
Also in the category of single-serving sizes, Oregon’s Union Wine Company offers wine in aluminum cans. (Though it likely won’t give the same satisfying psht! as beer, when you pop the tab…)

For an industry that is often (unfairly!) regarded as stuffy or old-fashioned, these are bold new ideas that will definitely shake things up! What will winemakers think of next?!



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