One Very Good Reason to Begin Thinking About the Holidays Now…



Annoyed about the sudden appearance of Christmas decorations, way before December (even before Halloween!)? We hear that. Do we really need to start thinking about icicle lights, gingerbread kits, and chocolate advent calendars in October?

No, probably not.

But there are exceptions…

Great Things Take Time

Like holiday gatherings and gifts being sent to distant relatives, wine making is easier and better if you plan ahead. Plus, when it comes to the holidays, the more you can do ahead of time the better, right?

Some things to consider:

  • Wine kits take 2-8 weeks to make.
  • Ideally, your wine should have some time to age between bottling and enjoyment (we recommend 1-6+ months’ time, depending on the wine)
  • Holiday gatherings begin in late-November/early-December
  • …which means holiday wine kits should ideally be started before the end of October. By November at the absolute latest.

Your Social Calendar Fills Up Quickly… And So Do Bottling Appointments

We do our best to make sure you have your wines in time for the holidays, but our schedule fills up very quickly in November and December. Whenever possible, make bottling arrangements ahead to avoid last-minute disappointment. You can even schedule them at the same time as you start your wine, if you’d like.

In Summary?

The key to having wines ready for holiday enjoyment? Start now.

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