A Thoughtful & Simple Father’s Day Gift (Hint: You Probably Already Have Everything You Need!)

Father’s day is just around the corner!

If you forgot, don’t fret! The perfect gift is within reach and budget. Here’s how:

First, choose a bottle of wine.

Need some help deciding? This fun guide can help you determine which wine varietal pairs best with your dad.

(Already know which kind he prefers? Great! Skip ahead to the next step)

Next, add a (free, printable) festive label or bottle tag.

Here are some freebies we love:

Father’s Day Coasters (by Lia Griffith)

fathers day - liagriffith2

Father’s Day Cards & Bottle Tags (by Jessica Jones Design)

fathers day - jessicajones

Father’s Day Card & Wine Bottle Label (by Frenchy’s Art Blog)

fathers day - frenchys

Father’s Day Labels (by Hello Lucky)

fathers day - hello lucky

Father’s Day wine bottle tags (from Just Love Design)

fathers day - liagriffith

Going for extra credit?

Why not add a gift certificate for in-store wine-making, or beer brewing supplies? Even if your dad knows nothing about fermenting, we can help select some kits or tools to get him started. It’s a great way to experiment and learn a new skill about something he already knows and loves.

Want to go the DIY route? Here are some more ideas of gifts dad will love. (We’re big fans of the printable gift wrap)

However you decide to do it, make time to appreciate and celebrate dad!

Happy father’s day!

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