We offer a wide variety of yeasts, additives, cleaning/disinfecting products, wine- and beer-making equipment, as well as everything you need to give your wine or beer bottles those special finishing touches.


  • Primary pails & carboys (glass and plastic/PET)
  • Airlocks
  • Racking tubes & hoses
  • Bottle fillers
  • Wine thiefs (thieves?)
  • Hydrometers
  • Corkers (floor corkers & hand corkers) & bottle cappers for beer bottles
  • Corks, screw tops, beer bottle tops
  • Labels (printed & blank for custom design) & foil shrink wraps
  • Wine bottles (Bordeaux, Burgundy, etc.; 375mL, 750mL, etc.; green, clear, cobalt, antique green, etc.; cork or screw top)
  • Other wine containers (plastic bags for boxed wine, etc.)
  • Beer bottles (growlers, plastic/PET screwtops, glass with metal caps, glass with swingtops, 500mL/1L, etc.)
  • Cleaning & sanitizing products (sodium metabisulphite, chloroclean)

Winemaking & Beer Brewing Ingredients & Additives

  • Wine kits
  • Beer kits
  • Yeasts
  • Dextrose
  • Sodium metabisulphite
  • ClaroKC (fining agent)
  • Oak chips
  • Sweet reserve (sweetener)
  • Yeast nutrient & yeast energizer
  • Citric acid

Other equipment & additives are always available by custom order. Please email us today if you are looking for something that isn’t listed, and we’d be happy to provide information about pricing & availability.