How Much Wine Do I Need?


For serving at your reception

For wine served with dinner, a good rule of thumb is about 2-3 glasses (500mL) per guest. With that ratio, you should expect to need 2 standard bottles of wine per 3 guests.

For couples expecting 100 guests, that would mean at least 3 batches of wine (90 standard wine bottles). Keep in mind that some guests will drink less, some will drink more, and it’s always better to have some more than not enough.

Each kit/batch of wine makes 23 litres (30 x 750mL bottles) of one wine type, which is enough for approximately 46 guests. For larger groups, the following are helpful guidelines:

1-45 guests = 1 batch (30 standard bottles)
46- 90 guests = 2 batches (60 standard bottles)
91-135 guests = 3 batches (90 standard bottles)
136-180 guests =4 batches (120 standard bottles)

Note: If you’d like to offer both red and white wine, you’ll need to make at least two batches of wine (one of each). You’ll also want to increase these numbers if yu’ll be serving wine before as well as with dinner (e.g., at a pre-dinner cocktail reception).

Consider the following guidelines for serving both red and white wine at your reception dinner:

1-90 guests = 2 batches (60 standard bottles – 30 of each, red & white wine)
91-135 guests = 3 batches (90 standard bottles – 60 of one wine type, 30 of the other*)
136-180 guests =4 batches (120 standard bottles – 60 each, red & white wine)

*For uneven numbers of batches, we can make recommendations for the additional batch. If you’re serving red meat, or you know that most of your family and friends are red wine drinkers, for example, choose a red wine for the extra batch. Conversely, if your reception dinner is lighter (vegetarian or fish entrée), or you know that most of your guests prefer white wines, you may want to opt for an extra batch of white.

For giving as favours & gifts

When giving wine as a favour (at engagement parties, wedding showers, or at your wedding reception), we recommend using 375mL “splits” – half-sized bottles. This allows you to get twice as many bottles out of the same batch of wine, and the smaller size is still a generous amount for a gift.

For smaller (375mL) bottles, these guidelines are helpful:

1-60 favours = 1 batch (60 “splits”)
61-120 favours = 2 batches (120 “splits”)
121-180 favours = 3 batches (180 “splits”)

Our Wedding Wine Packages include 30 standard 750mL bottles (green or clear) or 30 standard 375mL “split” bottles (green or clear). When bottling in “splits,” keep in mind that you’ll need twice as many bottles, labels and foil shrinks, which would have to be purchased separately (or supplied on your own).

wine bottle sizes

For more information

If you have any additional questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, email us or to stop in to speak with one of our staff members. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, and to help you select the best wines for your special day.

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